11 ways to use our baskets
04 juli 2017 
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11 ways to use our baskets


We love baskets! You may have noticed it, but at Yoshiko Home we love beautiful, often sturdy baskets. These we make of natural materials, such as elephant grass. In fact, you never have enough space in your home to store all your stuff and a nice basket comes in handy. But you can also use our baskets as decoration. We’ll show you how!

1. Magazines and books
If it’s cold outside and it’s raining for days nothing is more comfortable than crawling on the couch with a good book. Don’t you agree?

2. Wood blocks
In winter, we prefer 24/7 in front of a warm fireplace. Of course, the logs come from a luxury big basket.

wuxi grote mand

3. Bottles of wine
Why hide your wine bottles in the kitchen if you can also use them for decoration? Extra advantage: They are beautiful within reach if you are sharing a cheese platter with your friends.

4. Vegetables and fruit
Certainly in winter it is important to get all your vitamins inside. Make sure you always have a nice supply of vegetables and fruit in your house. A nice excuse to buy a nice fruit basket!


5. Your child 😉
Ok, of course, the baskets are not made for this. But, it looks cute!

6. Home keys
Are you always looking for your home keys, just when you want to hurry out? Maybe it’s time for a permanent place at home .. hint hint …

7. Hockeysticks
Do you have sons or daughters playing hockey? Let them store their stuff neatly.

8. Clothes
You come home, kick out your shoes, put your hair in a knot and splash on the couch under a deliciously soft blanket. Recognizable?

9. Plant
Fill a basket with earth and use it as a planter. A nice start to your urban bohemian jungle!


10. Candles
Take care for a fire hazard, of course! Maybe Led candles are a better idea.

11. Toys
Collect your children’s toys in a big basket and avoid getting into a logo block or barbie, ouch!

Where do you like baskets? Let us know below in the comments!

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